How to Learn Faster, Memorize Anything, and Upgrade Your Brain to Become Limitless with Top Brain Coach Jim Kwik

May 17, 2020

Learning can be challenging, but did you know it can also be fun and empowering, taking you places you have never been before and helping you achieve your goals and dreams? In this podcast, I spoke with master brain coach, top podcast host and NY Times bestselling author Jim Kwik about how learning how to learn is one of the best things we can do for our mental and brain health, why our ability to use knowledge is our superpower, and how the brain is truly limitless, allowing us to be as intelligent as we want to be!


As a child, Jim suffered from several traumatic brain injuries, when affected his ability to perform in school. Eventually, his desperation led to his inspiration: Jim set out to understand how the brain and memory work, and how to learn how to learn. As he notes, this is something that is not often taught in schools, where we are given lots of knowledge to learn, but are not taught how to make the most of this knowledge. Indeed, many of us incorrectly assume that intelligence is something that we are either born with or not, that it is a “fixed” thing, and that is why some people do well and others fail. 


Yet, as Jim has shown in his own life, which he describes in his incredible book Limitless: Upgrade Your Brain, Learn Anything Faster, and Unlock Your Exceptional Life, he went from being the “boy with the broken brain” to a world-renowned memory champion and brain coach who has developed a reliable and scientifically sound set of tools to enhance memory formation and learning. He now teaches his techniques to others with astonishing results, and is an in-demand speaker, a brain coach for celebrities and CEOs, the head of a large online learning program, and the host of a podcast with tens of millions of listeners!


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Podcast Time Stamps

2:48 How Jim’s inspiration was his desperation, and what he did to overcome his traumatic brain injuries 

12:00 Why intelligence is not fixed

16:00 The 7 main lies we believe about the brain, and how to overcome them 

24:32 The question is not how smart you are, but how are you smart?

28:10 Why our mistakes are not our failures

36:00 Genius is built, not born, and why intelligence takes hard work, determination and practice

39:00 The power of mindsets, motivation and methods, and how they can make you limitless

59:04 The fun ancient Greek memorization technique that can help you remember anything!


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