How the Fungi in Your Gut Can Affect Your Mental Health + Simple Tips on How to Heal Your Gut Microbiome with Dr. Mahmoud Ghannoum

May 2, 2020

We know that our gut affects our mental health, but did you know that the fungi in our gut is especially important when it comes to our mental and physical wellbeing? In this podcast, I discuss how to identify fungal issues in the gut, how gut fungi can affect our mood and mental health, and simple changes we can all make to heal the gut microbiome with Dr. Mahmoud Ghannoum. 

Dr. Mahmoud Ghannoum is one of the world’s leading microbiome researchers and the scientist who named the mycobiome, our body’s fungal community. He lectures at many institutions globally, including the National Institutes of Health, on the microbiome and his breakthrough research on probiotics. He’s published over 400 papers on his research and has been cited over 20,000 times by other scientists! 


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Podcast Time Stamps

4:30 How Dr. Ghannoum became the first scientist to name the mycobiome, our body’s fungal community

5:48 The difference between the gut microbiome and the mycobiome

9:00 Why we shouldn’t be afraid of fungus!

11:20 The gut is a mini-world: there are bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, and so much more living in our tummies, which is what we need to take a big-picture approach to gut health

12:07 How is fungi different to bacteria?

19:19 How the fungi in our gut can affect our mental health and contribute to neurological diseases like autism 

25:05 The gut-brain axis 

31:21 What measures we can take to heal the mycobiome and the gut-brain connection

34:40 How do you know if you have a gut imbalance?  

39:30 Why we need to change our lifestyle, not just our diet!

42:15 Why moderation is the most important way to eat food

45:18 How the mycobiome diet is different to other diets  

51:32 Should we be taking prebiotics and probiotics?

54:27 Medications that affect our microbiome

56:42 Current health and wellness trends


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