Episode #149: Interview with Dan Buettner on critical life lessons from the world’s healthiest, happiest, and oldest communities + How to Exercise, Eat, and Manage Your Mind to Increase Longevity

April 8, 2020

Life expectancy and living well seems to be on everyone’s minds these days, but did you know that around 85% of our longevity is based on our lifestyle choices and environment? In this week’s blog and podcast, I spoke with NYT Bestselling author, explorer, National Geographic Fellow, award-winning journalist and producer Dan Buettner about the world’s healthiest and longest living communities (known as the blue zones), the power of purpose, how healthy eating is affordable and how you too can live to be a 100!


Podcast Highlights & Time Stamps

-3:17 What are the blue zones?

-4:45 How does a blue zone diet help with mental health?

-5:50 The most common denominators of longevity

-9:00 What’s wrong with the self-help industry?

-13:20 How to make the healthiest decision the easiest decision

-14:14 The power of purpose

-17:14 The power of downshifting

-20:57 Why there is no magic bullet that will help you live longer

-24:20 Is eating healthy really more expensive?

-28:08 How to turn your city into a blue zone


Podcast transcript and blog:



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