Episode #148: How to Deal with the Pain of Uncertainty and Insecurity During the Current Crisis + More Tips and Mental Health Strategies to Help You Find Peace During the Pandemic

April 5, 2020

In this podcast I answer some of the questions you have sent in regarding handling COVID-19 anxiety, and coping with social distancing and staying at home. I want to try to help you as much as I can, giving you tools to help you manage your mind in this crisis and stay strong, mentally and physically.


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Podcast Time Highlights:

02:26 How to talk to your children about the current crisis

08:37 How to handle angry outbreaks from your children

14:23 What if you know someone who has COVID-19?

20:26 How do I deal with social distancing and loneliness?

28:00 How do you not let anxiety ruin your sleep?

32:00 What if you feel guilty leaving your child in care while you work?

34:52 What to do if you are struggling to concentrate or sleep

38:17 How to speak to a teenager or young adult about the current crisis?

41:04 How do you deal with constant change?

45:06 How do you deal with “should have” or “could have” thoughts during the pandemic?

47:48 How can you manage fear of the virus?

51:00 How to not let your anxiety get the better of you

52:22 How to deal with rude neighbors

53:10 How do you manage a severe fight/flight response?

56:30 How do you handle feeling out of control?



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