Episode #145: COVID-19 Ultimate Guide: Truths, misinformation, symptoms, possible vaccines, why social distancing, and more with epidemiologist Dr. Will Bulsiewicz

March 28, 2020

In this episode I interview epidemiologist and GI specialist Dr. Will Bulsiewicz on all things Coronavirus. Dr. Will debunks misinformation, shares some helpful tips on how to protect yourself, what to do if you think you have the virus, how we should be handling the situation, how to boost your immune system, what's the deal on finding a vaccine, and so much more! 

Podcast Highlights:

-4:22 Why knowledge is power

-6:28 Where did this all begin?

-7:40 Why is COVID-19 spreading so fast?

-11:13 Why you can infect people even if you feel fine

-12:27 Why this is different to the 2003 SARS epidemic 

-13:23 What are the symptoms we need to look out for?

-14:48 Flattening the curve 

-16:30 Why social distancing is saving lives 

-17:11 Our hospitals do not have enough resources 

-19:43 Why are things so different in South Korea?

-24:10 Why we need to test, test, test!

-25:32 How is COVID-19 transmitted? 

-27:38 Why everyone is talking about hand washing 

-29:40 The best places to find information about COVID-19

-30:56 Should we all be using masks?

-32:52 Why we shouldn’t just rely on herd immunity

-34:54 How close are we to a vaccine?

-39:00 Why COVID-19 is not just like the flu 

-42:40 Why you should act as if you carry COVID-19 

-43:11 Why you can still get COVID-19 if you are young and don’t have a preexisting condition 

-45:50 Children can get sick too

-46:30 Possible treatments for COVID-19

-50:38 How do we test for the virus?

-52:00 If I think I have COVID-19, what should I do?

-54:02 If you are feeling unwell at home, what can you do?

-58:35 How to handle being quarantined at home with your family 

-58:43 Will this go away when the weather gets warmer?

-59:00 Advice to medical professionals working on the frontlines 

-1:00:32 How panic affects our immune system 

-1:02:10 How can you build your immune system?

-1:03:05 The importance of gut health for immunity


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