Episode #137: Simple Steps to Become Stress-Resilient & More Thick-Skinned + Tips On How to Help Your Children Develop Their Stress Tolerance with Bestselling Author Neil Pasricha

March 12, 2020

Life can be tough. You will fail at certain things. You will be stressed. Bad things will happen to you. People will disappoint you. But did you know that, despite all these things, life can be awesome? Yes, it is true! In this week’s blog and podcast, I talk with bestselling author and speaker Neil Pasricha about how we can all learn to be more stress-resilient and failure-proof, how life is still awesome even when things don’t go our way, and how we can teach our children to thrive in a world where change is inevitable.


Neil is no stranger to bad news. A number of years ago his first wife left him and his best friend committed suicide. To cope with his grief, he decided to start a blog called 1000 Awesome Things to cheer himself up, which focused on life’s simple pleasures. This blog soon became viral, was voted one of the best blogs in the world and led to Neil’s his first bestseller, The Book of Awesome, which focuses on how, despite the ups and downs of life, there is so much to be thankful for and amazed by every day.


Podcast Time Highlights:

-2:00 How Neil turned lemons into lemonade

-4:10 Why we don’t know how to fail

-10:45 How to tell yourself a different story

-16:51 Why the only way to get better is to get bad

-29:46 Why you should let your children fail

-39:11 Why you can’t have everything you want

-46:18 Why happiness, not success, comes first

-51:00 Why reading is good for your mental health

-56:55 Why multitasking is a myth


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